Screenings Made Easy.

Care for your employees with on-site and instant results.

25 years expertise.

Our team of experts are specialized to tailor every service exactly for your every need.

Engage In Wellness.

Discover the best ways to improve employee participation.

Extensive Expertise

For more than 25 years, EHMS has been delivering customized health promotion and wellness programs to organizations across the Nation.

National Coverage

Our national network of providers and dedicated Event Managers are located in a city near you and can be there for your every need.

Expert Consultation

Senior leadership with the knowledge and training to obtain the employee engagement you want. We have the perspective to help your programs succeed.

Extreme Flexibility

Flexible program designs consider each client’s corporate culture and are scalable for any sized business, strategic plan, delivery timeline and budget. Our technology minimizes administrative overhead without sacrificing quality.

Proven Record

EHMS has been recognized as an industry leader for delivering high quality health promotion and wellness programs that meet employer needs. We continue to be a driven, agile company that puts clients first.

Smart Technology

State of the art hardware and software make program delivery convenient and efficient at every point of contact for you and your customers.


Powerful training programs that focus on achieving objectives.

Employee training is a recognized strategy for improving productivity and healthcare decision making. Our teaching methods engage the student and facilitate the transfer of knowledge. Healthy employees utilize benefits and corporate resources more efficiently causing a positive affect on the corporate bottom line.

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When we say custom-made programs, we mean it.

Our flexible program designs consider each client’s corporate culture and are scalable for any size organization. Successful wellness programs do not come in a “box” and consider many factors. Our results are tailored, effective programs that control cost, ensure quality, and heighten employee satisfaction.

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Your Own Wellness Portal.

Choose from a wide array of options to get the
employee engagement you desire

Top Quality HRA

Every program needs a Health Risk Assessment. Our portal offers a well-researched HRA that’s based upon a high –quality set of questions.


Apps and Wearables

If you want real results from your lifestyle programs, you need accurate and automatic measurement of important data


Engaging Programs

Within your portal you have the ability to create engaging and social Team Challenge programs for topics such as physical activity, weight management, nutrition, stress and sleep.


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