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Managing Health Care Costs

Employee Health and Wellness Programs from Employee Health Management Systems (EHMS)

Today, employers are faced with rising health care costs affecting their ability to be competitive in current markets. These expenses are a drain on profits, significantly influence business decisions and threaten the survival of many good organizations.

Since 1989, EHMS has been recognized as an Industry Leader for providing customized preventive health solutions that meet human resource needs. The unique Point-of-Care service delivery methods used by EHMS have been proven to reduce administrative expenses, without sacrificing program quality. Explore our administrative services for health programs and learn how we can help your business. The result is the most effective combination of employee health promotion and corporate wellness programs that control costs, ensure quality and heighten employee satisfaction.

Successful companies realize the positive results realized from proven health promotion and wellness strategies motivate employees to become better healthcare decision makers, effectively reducing benefit dollars spent.

Let an EHMS employee wellness program expert show you how to maximize your health and wellness program dollars!
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